Cover Letter

This blog has been very interesting to write so far. The only thing in common between all of the posts: memoir. Some are free-writing-recollections from my childhood that could be turned into a memoir, others are rhetorical analyses of some aspect of memoir, still others are analyses of different kinds of memoir and forms of social media as memoir. All of these make up my thoughts about memoir throughout this class, as well as outside of it. Each post must be taken independent of the others, as each one is its own thing. Some of the posts give rise to the thoughts that drove me to write another of the posts, but rarely in any particular order.

So far, the strength of this project is the fact that I look at many aspects of memoir. Without knowing too much about memoir, a reader could be entertained by the diversity and kind of thinking about memoir found in this blog. It is also interesting because I am able to look at social media as memoir in a special way, as I use social media to analyze memoir. Although I do not, as of yet, have any links to any outside media, the potential is there (along with the plan to use this later). This gives me the opportunity to look at other social media in my own way on this blog. The idea of the blog gives me many opportunities that I would not have had if I had done just a traditional paper. Because each blog post is independent, I am able to look at many different topics without it seeming too jarring or ADD.

The weaknesses of this blog so far is that I rarely preface any of the posts. I discovered that this was a weakness fairly early on, and did fix some of the issues; however, the issue still arises: how does the reader confront the many diverse topics presented in this one blog? Most people just get really confused when they see the blog because it has so many topics and I give very little frame work for how to understand my work. It is a difficult thing to remedy, however, because giving too much frame work would detract from the kind of stream-of-consciousness that comes about when reading the blog.

This blog was important for me to write because I hate social media. In writing this though, I discovered that I only disliked social media because I did not understand it. As I researched and wrote, I came to understand social media better, and thus do not hate it as much. It also gave me the opportunity to look at many diverse topics without making a paper seem very ADD. The form of the blog is the perfect platform to have shorter posts on many things, which is exactly what I was hoping to do. This blog has given me the platform to summarize my thoughts on a variety of subjects and ideas, and think on paper, while still being able to dabble in memoir.

Installment 2 will look fairly similar to Installment 1. I am already planning several posts for the future. In it, I hope to continue to look at other forms of social media as memoir, other rhetorical features of memoir, write a couple more memoir shorts of my own, analyze further the rhetoric of blogs as memoir, and finish it with an analysis of the current culture’s obsession with chronicling one’s life.


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