Cover Letter 2

This project was particularly interesting for me, as it simply started out writing about whatever I really wanted to write about. I noticed certain things about memoir and the memoir culture in the class, and I wrote about the rhetoric in and around memoir. From there, I also added some small attempts at memoir from my own life, and that gave me a better idea of what it was actually like to write it, and be on the other side of it. With my observations from all of that, I began to form a thesis, and started directing my research and writings toward that thesis.

By way of weaknesses, I see the fact that I did not start out with a thesis as a weakness. While everything that I wrote ended up helping me develop my thesis, it was more difficult to tie it all together at the end. I think, though, that I ended up succeeding in actually making everything coherent and reasonable. My first installment was a bit challenging, but I think I learned a lot from it, and was able to make the second installment a little more focused. In an attempt to not repeat the kinds of things I did in the first round, I did eliminate some ideas that may have actually been helpful, or at least added more material to analyze in my concluding posts. On the other hand, I think that it was a strength that I wrote so much that might have seemed irrelevant, because by looking at it, I was able to more fully develop my thesis and support it with experiences of actually writing memoir, and reading memoir, and looking at other forms of memoir. It also made it more interesting to read, as the entire blog was not simply an analysis of memoir, but also related it to life experiences and modern understandings of culture.

For me, this project was invaluable to my understanding and learning of modern culture. I have always hated technology and the internet simply because I did not have a really well rounded understanding of either, so I ended up not liking it because I did not understand it. This project helped me to understand, not only how to use a blog well, but also how they really are meant to be used, how they fit into modern culture, and how memoir as a whole has formed and been formed by the modern culture. By using a blog, I was able to utilize many more capabilities than I would have been able to by simply writing a paper or typical memoir on the same things. The rhetorical understanding that we have about how a blog works was the foundation for understanding what I was doing in the project. By using a blog, I was also able to analyze different aspects of blog, and other mediums of social media, as memoir than I would have been able to. In this way, I was able to look at all aspects of modern culture as memoir and the reasons surrounding it.

While I did not always like the choices in memoir that we read, I think that it was a very diverse selection, and so gave us a good understanding of memoir in a short amount of time. The papers, while pretty easy for me, did help to develop my understanding of the works that we read, as well as rhetoric and memoir as a whole. The project, for me, was simply fun. It was very fun way for me to be able to analyze things that I had never thought of before.

By way of participation, I did a lot of group discussion. By participating in group discussion, I was able to articulate ideas that I had in my head, but were too many to put into the small papers that we had. This definitely helped me to understand memoir better and more thoroughly than I would have if I hadn’t participated. I never quite utilized the days that were online as well as I could have. I used the papers to look at aspects of the books that helped me develop my thesis. I also used the ideas that I talked about in the paper to help me develop ideas for my project. This helped me to understand memoir in a deeper way.


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