The Blue World

The Second World of the Dine creation stories is the Blue World or Nihodootlizh.

Nihodootlizh – Second World (Blue World)

When the First Man and First Woman came to the Blue World, all of the creatures that lived there were already fighting. Because of the war going on, First Man killed some of the creatures, but then sang songs and the creatures came back to life. As First Man looked at the Blue World he saw that creatures were not happy and wanted to leave the world for a new one. In compassion, First Man tried to help them leave by smoking “sacred tobacco” and blowing it to the four winds. This made the creatures feel better, but they still wanted to leave the Blue World. So, First Man continued to try different things to help the creatures leave. Finally, he made wands out of various materials: black stone, turquoise, shell and abalone. On these wands he carved four footprints. The creatures stepped into the footprints on the wands. They made an offering, and then went through the opening in the South.

Through this story, we see more creatures that are considered sacred to the Dine people. We also see stones, tobacco, and offerings that are still things considered holy today.


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