The White World

The Fourth World, the world that the Dine believe they live in now is the White or Glittering World, or Nihodihil.

1-4a Forth World

In the White world, the waters were still rising from the Yellow World. First Man and Woman asked the Water Buffalo why she was making the worlds flood, and Coyote showed the Water Buffalo’s children to her. He gave her back the male child, but he female child he kept for himself. During this transaction, many other sacred items were used. The children became known as the Male cloud (black cloud) and the White, Blue and Yellow clouds (Female clouds).

After this, First Man and First Woman made things in the world the way they were supposed to be. They rebuilt the mountains from earth from the Yellow World. They also started a fire with flint from the Yellow world and wood from the White world. The wood is still considered sacred, as well as the fire poker. They made a sweatbath and a sweathouse. First Man and Woman made songs and prayers for it and First Man was the first one to use them. Then they made hogans. First the Male hogan, only used for ceremony’s, and then the Female hogan to live in.

The First Man and First Woman made songs and ceremony’s to help the plants grow and the animals thrive. They had children, and thus the stories of the Monster Slayer (which I will not get into here). The main point of all of this, though, is that through these stories, and the understandings of these worlds of the Dine, we see what is important to them. We see where they get their traditions and ceremony’s, where they started, and why they are so important to the Navajo people.


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