In Conclusion

So, as we have seen, the Navajo creation stories have significant influence in the Navajo culture, as well as how we can better understand them. Many of the Navajo ceremonies have to do with the creation stories in some way or another. Again, this would be expected as a people’s understanding of them-selves and why they are there is based on how they think they came about. Just as many Jewish, Christian, and Muslim ceremonies and/or rites are based on their understanding of their history, so do the Navajo people. And it’s not just me saying this either! this blog also shows the kinds of ceremonies that there traditionally are, and where they came from. As I read through this, I definitely could find connections to the creation stories. One particular connection that I find interesting is that all of the ritualistic symbols and physical things used are also in the creation stories, where they are first understood as sacred.

By way of where I came by this understanding of Navajo creation stories, here are my references:

First World

Second World

Third World

Fourth World


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